Marquette Area Blues Fest Draws Hundreds For Superb Music and The Jimmy’s Were My Favorite

The Jimmy’s from Madison excited my every cell. I hung on their every measure and every solo. Jimmy was fantastic on the Hammond B3 and the Roland Piano. I bought their most recent CD and love it!

MarquetteSeptember 2, 2012 – The Lower Harbor park downtown Marquette was Rockin’ this after noon with the blues played locally by local musicians and those from Madison Wisconsin.

Two local acts entertained for the first part of the afternoon.  Dave Zigner played guitar and the blues continues with the Flat Broke Blues Band.  Harmonics great Thunderin’ Dave played a few songs while the Jimmy’s set up.  For me, this was 4 hours of blues bliss.

Major Discount was impressed by Dave’s talent

Harmonic great and national winner of competition,  Thunderin’ Dave, pictured by our very own Major Discount, did a free training of how to play the harmonica at the boat house at noon for an hour or so to about 8 local harpist.   Dave taught us 2 basic blues riffs,  how to use your tongue to bend on a draw, a common draw-blowdraw rockin’ blues chug, and the importance of using the air in your cheeks on a draw to coddle and curdle the sound.  I hope this makes sense.

Jimmy’s Horns Were Fantastic…very inspiring!

Even a local duck flew in and was waddling to the blues…very funny to watch actually

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