Sunrise and Sunsets Are Fantastic In The Upper Peninsula

Sunset Sky

Evening Imagery

Negaunee Township – July 25, 2011 –  The U.P. sky has incredible beauty to me lately. Why have I not noticed the beautiful sky colors, the colorful cloud shapes, and the dew and mist of the morning?

Do I walk around with my eyes closed? Am I so busy that I don’t look up?

Lately, it seems I am taking a little more time enjoying the beautiful colors that are all around me. I am finding super color and wild shapes every time I look.

Sunset Beauty

Evening Horizon Beauty

Has it been this beautiful all along?…and I’m just getting around to noticing?

Last glimpse for the day

Lights out

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  1. Markus, July 25, 2011:

    Imagry Misspelled

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