25th Anniversary and Beyond

 Marquette  – August 25, 2015  –  Great Lakes Radio, Inc. continues to enjoy prosperity and success in the local Upper Peninsula market with strong tools-staff-clients-listeners.  We have “Pennies from Heaven” come our way daily.  From a client perspective new buys come in daily and new clients join our fold often.  We also retain a good percentage of our older trusted guard of clients.  We are very thankful for that.

We create lines for clients like at Applebee's.

We create lines for clients like at Applebee’s.

Listener wise, we’ve never been stronger. Listeners call, visit our studios, email us, visit our events, click on our feeder sites 2million times a month, attend our parties and shop our clients.   Staff wise we have the brightest and best in media and they engage with our greater community and clients daily.  Our Tools are second to none including the best state of the art facilities and marketing systems to entertain, capture and motivate listeners.  Bottom-line we generate leads and new customers for clients that engage with us.

GLR brought the first and only commercial HD radio station to the Upper Peninsula Now with 11 commercial signals with impact programming and the right music, we reach virtually every demo in the Central Upper Peninsula market.  GLR stations and Feeder Sites reach virtually every age bracket 18plus where listeners have disposable income.  GLR’s 11 stations are supported by 12 web sites acting as Feeder Sites rising high on Google reaching out to folks on-line far past our signal reach.  Our daily articles posted by our team of 20 are read some 2million times a month and the url’s we log reach from a Wisconsin line from Madison to Milwaukee North,  to a Michigan line from Port Huron to Muskegon North.  These are people that really care about the U.P. and either have a camp here, vacation here, grew up here and have moved with the hope of returning, or have family here. Things are good at GLR.  Why don’t you join us!

I am attaching my 2016 plan and sales process for review.Sales Line In the Sand

I am attaching “Why we do what we do” for further ideas into why our media efforts work so well. Why We Do What We Do

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