Protected: AT&T Needs To Tidy Up Gear/Amendment On 510 Tower North of Marquette

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Protected: AT&T Damages GLR’s Precious and Critical Gear

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Canon XHG1/XHA1 HD Camera Films In Pristine Clear Clean HD

Marquette  –  August 26, 2014  –  I have available a Canon XHG1/XHA1 HD Camera with fluid head tripod. I paid over $7,000 for the camera, accessories, padded camera case, fluid head tripod, tripod case.  The local tv station used this model and we were doing television and post production a couple of years ago and got the same model for compatibility.

My team did not like the actual camera mic that’s built in and said it did not work well, so the camera requires a mic of your choice which mounts on the top. If you want to gather pristine video, and edit it at a high level, then once produced dumb it down to YouTube quality, your clarity  results will be much better with this camera.  Give me a solid offer and we can ship it to you.  I can be reached on my cell phone at 906-361-3325.

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Gooseneck Trailer 40′ Deck Over Trailer Like New $8,800

MarquetteMay 29, 2014 – Haul the heavy gear, or as many bales of hay as you dare to stack on there. It’s very tough, the real deal, and it’s like new!

This trailer was manufactured in the late 90’s but it’s sat most of its life. It was manufactured by Rick and Lisa MAY in Oklahoma and they used real steel with a real welder. Sometimes today’s new trailers are almost foreign made and lack the construction and toughness this model has. You will never bang or bend this trailer.

Here’s a heavy duty Gooseneck Deckover Equipment Trailer with new brakes and eight new tires. Just one trip to North Dakota on these tires and brakes. Good tread left, good lights, good marking, and a new deck.

It’s a tough 20K gvwr Gooseneck Dual Tandem, a Heavy Duty Deck Over Equipment Trailer ready for you to haul anything. There’s no dovetail so you can haul all the way to the back.

It’s a big, long, fresh flat deck with 8′ slide-in ramps with no dovetail. This is way better than a beaver tail for hauling square bales or round bales for example.

The unit measures roughly 8½’x40′ channel frame with i-beam construction. The coupler is 2 5/16″ and features a fully adjustable Gooseneck. The jack is pristine and tough with with dual 12,000lb(I think) drop leg jacks.

All lights functioned when we just went to North Dakota. Safety features are in tack with All required DOT lighting, safety chains, DOT tape, and a working break-a-way switch.
The tie downs spots are extreme with pockets and thick tough rub rails.

This trailer is ready for the road. One of the new re-reads came off on the drivers side inside rear tire. This held all the way home empty but should be replaced if hauling a large load.  I can be reached at 906-361-3325 or send me a note to noordyk[at]gmail-dot-com.

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My International “M” is Still a Delight After All These Years

Negaunee May 15, 2014 –  We have an International M tractor that we just love.  It’s very clean and could be put in any parade around.  The hydraulics are strong, the rubber is in very good shape, and every thing functions.

A while back, we added a 3 point hitch to her, the heavy duty one.  This has been very convenient because we run a six foot brush hog to keep the ferns down in the horse pasture. It takes a pretty powerful machine to pull a four bottom plow or run a hefty six foot hog in thick brush and grass.

You know, there’s nothing worse than lush, tall, thick ferns, among the short Timothy springs and birds foot tree foil that are striving to rise up to make the horses happy.  But then there’s those darn ferns that just never seem to give up. My M does them in though.

I just started the M up two days ago after a long winter.  The battery held its charge, the motor clicked over and fired instantly, and BOOM PUTT PUTT I was going this spring.

I took her for a spin down the old sandy road and I accidentally put it in 5th gear. And holy cow, I hung on for all I was worth.  I even lost my new Green Bay official NFL Packers cap. It blew right off.  Good thing I have those sturdy new fenders.  What a sweetheart!

Todd Noordyk – Marquette, Michigan 906-361-3325

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Sales Professionals Carry A Hit List And A Reminder List

MarquetteMarch 25, 2014 – I have seen time and time again how well a traditional affordable local electronic marketing campaign utilizing radio and mass media works.   A solid local radio campaign encourages new foot traffic and many new cash register rings.  This type of advertising campaign can make a huge difference for a local business.

Advertised on the radio, an event and open house brought a lot of people in for a tour and presentation

Advertised on the radio, an event and open house brought a lot of people in for a tour and presentation.

My team and I are trained to help a viable local business develop deeper as a stronger local brand. We help identify the unique aspects of what makes that brand special.  We then put those messages on local radio – that shares their brand cleverly – and sales happen.

Solid local branding on local electronic mass media creates measurable elevated foot traffic. If those customers have a good experience, the campaign builds a new baseline of customers for the business. The customer’s future is now brighter and their investment is paying off.

It is both science and art when working through the elements of a local brand. Developing the right emotional concepts, a sense of urgency and a call to action into an advertising campaign creates foot traffic as it airs on local mass media or local radio.

A singing event advertised on the radio brings alot of locals to a festival and they hang around and enjoy the day and entertainment

After a successful radio and mass media campaign, locals flocked to this music festival and hung around to enjoy the day and the entertainment.

As a marketing professional with spark, enthusiasm, and drive, I like to engage in purposeful selling time.  This means uncovering the needs and wants of a prospect or client. The baseline for this meeting is to strive and think as the business owner does.  They tap their toes as they impatiently wait for you to say something spectacular.  So I usually Ask My Way to The Answer and put it back on them.  It keeps me sane and funnels me right to the perfect answers: their answers.

As a business professional, I need to properly influence and motivate another business professional. How do I do that? I have a list of items to focus on during each sales engagement:

  1. Share a story that is impressive;
  2. Close something; an order or the next appointment;
  3. Persuade and influence my prospect;
  4. Earn their trust;
  5. Make my client feel that I will solve their problem;
  6. Build a better relationship;
  7. Make every visit count – build something with my client;
  8. Focus on seeing ideas right there with them;
  9. Find sales opportunities as my client talks  and write down any gems they say;
  10. Connect an idea with what my client needs to sell;
  11. Tell another story about success to create more trust between us;
  12. Find my self-motivation and act on it. Move and do!
  13. Focus on a successful career here;
  14. Discovery and put into words their Unique Selling Proposition;
  15. Find a good priced offer and words of urgency to capture it and motivate the listener;
  16. Create a motivating call to action; and
  17. Craft a Headline that grabs attention right now!
A Car Show Event advertised at Applebee's on the radio brings in alot of folks to enjoy the day and to eat at the restaurant and shop at the mall

A Car Show Event at Applebee’s advertised on the radio and many people showed up to check out the cars, eat at the restaurant and shop at the mall.

These are a few key aspects I might discuss with my clients to help them stand out in their customers’ minds:

  1. Build genuine relationships with customers. This really matters.
  2. Remember the little things. With so many options to buy, it’s the remarkably simple things that help your customers make decisions.
  3. Be a little more flexible with the 9-5 and work with a prospect’s timeline.
  4. Get people through the door. Let’s create an affordable local radio campaign that does this.
  5. Can we create more customer loyalty? It helps to make them feel like they’re a part of the club in some way. How can we do this?

Do you use these concepts?

If you wish to discuss any of these concepts, let me know.  My office number is 906-228-6800.

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The All New PianoArc Is Out

a round piano called the PianoArc

a round piano called the PianoArc

January 24, 2014 – The all new PianoArc adds a fun dimension to performing with flexibility.

In the past, piano players are usually limited to a piano bench and an upright or grand piano to play.

Keyboard players are usually limited to a single keyboard or sometime two keyboards in front of them.

But now, the keyboardist for Lady Gaga has helped create a PianoArc. He and three mad scientist have designed and built a circular keyboard that really brings some additional showmanship and creativity to the forefront of playing keyboards.

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Be In The Center Of Your Assignment And Create A Real Difference.

Wisdom from the ages

Wisdom from the ages

Marquette  –  December 26, 2013  –  As we approach 2014, here are some Nuggets and Wisdom for 2014 that I came upon from mentors I follow and will use with my team to kick off 2014.

The Forward:
Ask yourself, “What is your assignment on this earth?”
Decide one thing you wish to master in life, and master it.

Every problem is simply a wisdom problem.
Find a need and fill it.  Find the clients pain and relieve it.  Create a solution for them.
As you create wisdom based solutions to your client’s challenges, you will become highly valued.
Ask yourself, “How do I make a difference?”

Relationships matter. Do everything in Love. Love is not rude or mean. Love has courtesy and is patient & kind. Love does not keep a ledger. God puts difficult people in our lives, all around us, that don’t see it our way.  And with difficult clients we still ask, “How can I help you. What do you want to get done”
Document your discoveries.  Keep a journal this year.
And finally, ask yourself, “Why live life unrewarded?”

Wisdom key #1: “What you tolerate you cannot change.” If you settle for low-paying clients that “Spray & Pray” & spread their dollars everywhere, you will not launch out to find higher-paying ones.  How ’bout systematically sharing wisdom with them to help them focus and grow…Or move on!

an Apple a day keeps the Doctor away and its a good treat with low natural sugar

an Apple a day keeps the Doctor away and its a good treat with low natural sugar

Wisdom key #2: “What you respect you will attract.” When you respect a client, you will value that person. Furthermore, what you respect will be drawn to you. Therefore, if you want to attain something, be sure to value it. Then you will obtain that thing.

Wisdom key #3: “What you sow, is what you will reap.”  You will reap what you have sown. You plant corn, 6 months later you harvest corn. If you genuinely take the time to plant solutions and good ideas on a client, you will reap their respect and a budget from them. God created this “Sow-Time-Harvest” concept long ago. It not only works for tangible things like seed for the garden, but also works in the intangible realm too.  Just like the wind, “Good Ideas” are alive, real, with touchable results.

Wisdom key #4: “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” Practice makes perfect. Develop positive daily routines and watch the progress. If You want to excel in a particular aspect of your life…then establish habits in that area. If you are destined to provide solutions, ask questions & focus on options; read-research-quantify-sort it out-hone it down-write it, & read it aloud so you hear it first.

Wisdom key #5: “Your rewards in life are decided by the kinds of problems you are willing to solve for others.” Figure out what needs to be invented and do it. Think about a client problem around you and uncover them with some solutions. These problems are opportunities for budget with a solution.

Your pain births your goals

Your pain births your goals

Wisdom key #6: “Your pain births your goals.”  Your mess always becomes your message.  Your crisis creates your solution. Pain births creativity and is motivating. There are No changes without pain. It’s pain that births your desire.  So when this happens in your relationships, harness it’s power.
George Foreman was a good example of this. As true for boxing as business: Champions in business are not born. They are made. In an era of bankruptcy and bailouts, two-time Heavyweight Champion of the World and record-busting businessman is what George did. Ask for help on this. Ask your friends to work thru this and pray about it too.  Work your pain into something profitable.

an uncommon seed produces an uncommon result

an uncommon seed produces an uncommon result

Wisdom key #7: “An uncommon seed will always create an uncommon harvest.” A seed could be love, patience, kindness, obedience, faith, money, a new sale idea, a new slug line and a planned campaign, etc. Start planting what you would like to produce.

Wisdom key #8: “Your goals choose your mentor.  You get wisdom two ways;  thru Mistakes and thru Mentors.  Your mentor is a trusted teacher.  Your best friend loves you as you are, but your true mentor or coach is never satisfied with where you are.  Select a mentor and follow his/her advise.

Wisdom key #9: “Your mentors decide your wisdom.  Here’s a big one…God won’t teach your privately what he has stored in your mentor.  It necessitates the relationship.  Reading and learning on your own is the first half of the story.  The rest of the story is Relationships as critical to reaching your goals.

Take some time and Focus on some good mentors that have discovered wisdom.  So watch a free U-tube on these guys or download their book, or check Amazon for a used copy,  or just sign up for their FREE newsletters…

Some good reads are Art of the Deal by Donald Trump or the 10 things Donald does everydayBy George by George Foreman, Business @ the Speed Of Thought by Bill Gates.  Vince Lombardi’s What it takes to be #1,  Joel Osteen’s blog,  Dr. Mike Murdock, and from “Great Radio Men” like Chris Lytle, Irwin Pollack, Roy H. Williams, TAZ, Chuck Mefford, RAB resources, plus numerous Selling and Success magazines… These all help you focus on wisdom based solutions for local clients where you really shine and make a very good living.

Wisdom key #10: ” wisdom applied”.
Remember, the money is always waiting for you.

Your relationships reveal your self-portrait of your wisdom.

The way you see yourself is what you pursue.

a wise old person once said...

a wise old person once said… Who are you listening too?

Your self-portrait determines your attitude.  We have bad hair days, but we also have days filled with things that go right. So see the greatness in yourself that God has planted there. See yourself as Good-Strong-Powerful-Full of Solutions!

Your attitude decides who pursues you and who wants you.  It’s also stunning how we can turn from positive to negative so quickly.

Access creates Favor.  Remember,  you have to get the right people to like you.  Access is one of the greatest gifts we can receive.

The Power of Suggestion, and the Power of Imagination will change the way you see solutions.

As you grow in wisdom, you will be able to change and help with solutions rapidly.  Focus on your mentors, & what you keep hearing is what you will eventually believe.

You can trace most any tragedy in life to an ignored instruction.  Your success will be decided by who your believe.

Get a picture of what you want to be inside you, and start living that picture.

Create a real difference.  Be in the center of your assignment.

If agree or disagree with these thoughts let me know.  Or if you’d like to chat about this email me at or call me at 906-228-6800…

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Manager Robert Delongchamp And I Agree Karamel is King at Super One


Look at how perfectly round it is – I can’t wait to eat it!

Marquette Township  – November 1, 2013 – I love caramel apples! They’re one of the best things about Autumn as far as I am concerned. I begged Robert to keep getting them in. He looked at me and said, “Get ’em while yah can”.  Ok then!

Everyone has their favorite fall foods — some people like pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pie or spiced apple rings — I’m a caramel apple kind of guy.


What’s under there? A Jonagold? A Macintosh?

I found these great Karamel King apples at Super One Foods in Marquette. They’re the BEST!

Just look at that beautiful round apple — you can tell it has the right amount of  caramel because you can just barely see it through the generous layer of chopped peanuts. Not random nutts, but perfect peanut attached to a tart apple.

I love you Super One.

This apple is not too big, not too small — just a perfect, baseball-sized ball of goodness for me to devour! LUCKY ME!


JACKPOT!! It’s a Granny Smith apple — YUM!

Now, if it’s a Ganny Smith, I would never turn down a homemade caramel apple,  and I would never insult any cook who is good enough to make one of these delightful treats for me, but in my mind, it isn’t a proper caramel apple unless it is covered in peanuts! Peanuts, mind you… not a blend of mixed nuts. Just keep it PURE just like PURE MICHIGAN.

You know that Fall is coming to an end, not because the leaves are almost completely off the trees or because the snow is starting to fly, but because the caramel apples are disappearing fast from Super One Foods.


That’s enough for me… but what will everyone else do?

I am a connoisseur of apples, and this Karamel King apple made my day!  The Food Network thinks they can build them right.  Nooope.  Robert’s apples at Super one are King.

Super One, I love you! And Robert try very hard to “Keep ’em comin”…

Super One Foods of Marquette is #1 to me





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Beautiful Executive Home on Spring Lake Michigan Is Available

A stunning retirement home on the beautiful waters of Spring Lake.  Happy boating and swimming!

A stunning retirement home on the beautiful waters of Spring Lake is more affordable than you think, and it will only appreciate in value. Real Estate is an excellent investment.  Happy boating and swimming!

Spring LakeSeptember 3, 2013 –  I don’t think this home at 17870 West Spring Lake Road will last long.  

My mom, Helene Noordyk, has decided she might wish to sell her home. She and my dad Stuart Paul Noordyk built this home in 1990.

The home at 17870 West Spring Lake Road had been updated several times inside and out.

Outside she changed the roof shakes, the cedar shingle shakes, to long lasting architectural shingles for a fresh new roof/new shingles/new flashing/new sealing. She also had the siding and trim painted recently.

Inside she has updated the feel with fresh paint and carpeting. Helene has done a little updating every few years, so the home feels like it’s updated in color and feel.

It is a truly a stunning & beautiful executive retirement home right on the waters in Spring Lake, Michigan with a sandy beach and safe swimming area.

The home needs nothing that I know of.  If you’d like more information, please contact me, Todd Stuart Noordyk, on my personal cell at 906-3-six-1-33-two-5.  You can text as well or email me at We will arrange for a tour.

I am sorry the pictures are out of order.  It is impossible for me to create galleries with them exactly in order.  Nevertheless, I think you will get a nice taste for the home as this is displayed.  Note;  all of the picture in the gallery can be blown up larger if you click on them

Please enjoy the galleries which features the West side entrance, the East side, the prow front and 3 decks, the upstairs, main level, and downstairs living quarters, new appliances and utilities, spa tub, hot tub, work out area, 3 stall garage and tool room, storage, and fresh carpeting and paint as needed.

It’s truly relaxing and beautiful at this On-The-Lake home.

The outdoor gallery is on top, and the inside gallery is listed below.

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