Canon XHG1/XHA1 HD Camera Films In Pristine Clear Clean HD

Marquette  –  August 26, 2014  –  I have available a Canon XHG1/XHA1 HD Camera with fluid head tripod. I paid over $7,000 for the camera, accessories, padded camera case, fluid head tripod, tripod case.  The local tv station used this model and we were doing television and post production a couple of years ago and got the same model for compatibility.

My team did not like the actual camera mic that’s built in and said it did not work well, so the camera requires a mic of your choice which mounts on the top. If you want to gather pristine video, and edit it at a high level, then once produced dumb it down to YouTube quality, your clarity  results will be much better with this camera.  Give me a solid offer and we can ship it to you.  I can be reached on my cell phone at 906-361-3325.

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