My International “M” is Still a Delight After All These Years

Negaunee May 15, 2014 –  We have an International M tractor that we just love.  It’s very clean and could be put in any parade around.  The hydraulics are strong, the rubber is in very good shape, and every thing functions.

A while back, we added a 3 point hitch to her, the heavy duty one.  This has been very convenient because we run a six foot brush hog to keep the ferns down in the horse pasture. It takes a pretty powerful machine to pull a four bottom plow or run a hefty six foot hog in thick brush and grass.

You know, there’s nothing worse than lush, tall, thick ferns, among the short Timothy springs and birds foot tree foil that are striving to rise up to make the horses happy.  But then there’s those darn ferns that just never seem to give up. My M does them in though.

I just started the M up two days ago after a long winter.  The battery held its charge, the motor clicked over and fired instantly, and BOOM PUTT PUTT I was going this spring.

I took her for a spin down the old sandy road and I accidentally put it in 5th gear. And holy cow, I hung on for all I was worth.  I even lost my new Green Bay official NFL Packers cap. It blew right off.  Good thing I have those sturdy new fenders.  What a sweetheart!

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