Sales Professionals Carry A Hit List And A Reminder List

MarquetteMarch 25, 2014 – I have seen time and time again how well a traditional affordable local electronic marketing campaign utilizing radio and mass media works.   A solid local radio campaign encourages new foot traffic and many new cash register rings.  This type of advertising campaign can make a huge difference for a local business.

Advertised on the radio, an event and open house brought a lot of people in for a tour and presentation

Advertised on the radio, an event and open house brought a lot of people in for a tour and presentation.

My team and I are trained to help a viable local business develop deeper as a stronger local brand. We help identify the unique aspects of what makes that brand special.  We then put those messages on local radio – that shares their brand cleverly – and sales happen.

Solid local branding on local electronic mass media creates measurable elevated foot traffic. If those customers have a good experience, the campaign builds a new baseline of customers for the business. The customer’s future is now brighter and their investment is paying off.

It is both science and art when working through the elements of a local brand. Developing the right emotional concepts, a sense of urgency and a call to action into an advertising campaign creates foot traffic as it airs on local mass media or local radio.

A singing event advertised on the radio brings alot of locals to a festival and they hang around and enjoy the day and entertainment

After a successful radio and mass media campaign, locals flocked to this music festival and hung around to enjoy the day and the entertainment.

As a marketing professional with spark, enthusiasm, and drive, I like to engage in purposeful selling time.  This means uncovering the needs and wants of a prospect or client. The baseline for this meeting is to strive and think as the business owner does.  They tap their toes as they impatiently wait for you to say something spectacular.  So I usually Ask My Way to The Answer and put it back on them.  It keeps me sane and funnels me right to the perfect answers: their answers.

As a business professional, I need to properly influence and motivate another business professional. How do I do that? I have a list of items to focus on during each sales engagement:

  1. Share a story that is impressive;
  2. Close something; an order or the next appointment;
  3. Persuade and influence my prospect;
  4. Earn their trust;
  5. Make my client feel that I will solve their problem;
  6. Build a better relationship;
  7. Make every visit count – build something with my client;
  8. Focus on seeing ideas right there with them;
  9. Find sales opportunities as my client talks  and write down any gems they say;
  10. Connect an idea with what my client needs to sell;
  11. Tell another story about success to create more trust between us;
  12. Find my self-motivation and act on it. Move and do!
  13. Focus on a successful career here;
  14. Discovery and put into words their Unique Selling Proposition;
  15. Find a good priced offer and words of urgency to capture it and motivate the listener;
  16. Create a motivating call to action; and
  17. Craft a Headline that grabs attention right now!
A Car Show Event advertised at Applebee's on the radio brings in alot of folks to enjoy the day and to eat at the restaurant and shop at the mall

A Car Show Event at Applebee’s advertised on the radio and many people showed up to check out the cars, eat at the restaurant and shop at the mall.

These are a few key aspects I might discuss with my clients to help them stand out in their customers’ minds:

  1. Build genuine relationships with customers. This really matters.
  2. Remember the little things. With so many options to buy, it’s the remarkably simple things that help your customers make decisions.
  3. Be a little more flexible with the 9-5 and work with a prospect’s timeline.
  4. Get people through the door. Let’s create an affordable local radio campaign that does this.
  5. Can we create more customer loyalty? It helps to make them feel like they’re a part of the club in some way. How can we do this?

Do you use these concepts?

If you wish to discuss any of these concepts, let me know.  My office number is 906-228-6800.

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