Manager Robert Delongchamp And I Agree Karamel is King at Super One


Look at how perfectly round it is – I can’t wait to eat it!

Marquette Township  – November 1, 2013 – I love caramel apples! They’re one of the best things about Autumn as far as I am concerned. I begged Robert to keep getting them in. He looked at me and said, “Get ’em while yah can”.  Ok then!

Everyone has their favorite fall foods — some people like pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pie or spiced apple rings — I’m a caramel apple kind of guy.


What’s under there? A Jonagold? A Macintosh?

I found these great Karamel King apples at Super One Foods in Marquette. They’re the BEST!

Just look at that beautiful round apple — you can tell it has the right amount of  caramel because you can just barely see it through the generous layer of chopped peanuts. Not random nutts, but perfect peanut attached to a tart apple.

I love you Super One.

This apple is not too big, not too small — just a perfect, baseball-sized ball of goodness for me to devour! LUCKY ME!


JACKPOT!! It’s a Granny Smith apple — YUM!

Now, if it’s a Ganny Smith, I would never turn down a homemade caramel apple,  and I would never insult any cook who is good enough to make one of these delightful treats for me, but in my mind, it isn’t a proper caramel apple unless it is covered in peanuts! Peanuts, mind you… not a blend of mixed nuts. Just keep it PURE just like PURE MICHIGAN.

You know that Fall is coming to an end, not because the leaves are almost completely off the trees or because the snow is starting to fly, but because the caramel apples are disappearing fast from Super One Foods.


That’s enough for me… but what will everyone else do?

I am a connoisseur of apples, and this Karamel King apple made my day!  The Food Network thinks they can build them right.  Nooope.  Robert’s apples at Super one are King.

Super One, I love you! And Robert try very hard to “Keep ’em comin”…

Super One Foods of Marquette is #1 to me





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