Apple – Google – Big Apps – Lists Don’t Work Anymore But the Story on RADIO Does!

Story telling is a somewhat lost art. 

But stories excite us, captivate us, bring us to the movies, take us to special places. 

This is why I remain so excited about the mass medium of RADIO.  Good Radio is Good Stories.  It’s hard to get a lot of emotion out of a paper ad.  People are emotional and emotion is what drives us. 

And speaking of who influences you right before you shop? Did you know that within 6 minutes of shopping in any given day, 98% of of all people are exposed to the mass medium of RADIO.  With in 6 minutes of shopping. This is one fantastic way to communicate to customers or potential because RADIO is so immediate & emotional.

apple google personalized apps Wow! Does this ever say it all. We can only communicate a little bit each time. Grocery Lists are old style…But the good old fashioned STORY still communicates mountains. That is why Broadcast RADIO is still such a powerful medium.[/caption]




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