July 31, 2011

Summer Travel in Pure Michigan





MackinacJuly 31, 2011 – Traveling to Grand Rapids to see gramma, engaging with 70 relatives at a family reunion, playing music with cousins, enjoying a pig roast, and traveling on I-75 North back to the Great U.P…. Wow, what a super weekend.

The city of Mackinac is again just so very busy-Busy-BUSY. People love to gather at the bridge.

They are chowing down on Murdicks fudge, Scallwags fresh while fish meals,  watching kite flying, and shopping for moccasins.

There are lots of cars going north this weekend..

Ohh…I see the rocks in the U.P. just north of the bridge… ahhh, I am home again.

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July 28, 2011

The Process Of Fishing Teaches The Process of Accomplishment

Marquette  –  July 24, 2011  –  Successful fishing teaches one how to be successful in most any activity or endeavor.

fishing for the popular large Michigan walleye

Now here's a fish worth catching, and worth doing the process to catch!

Growth is not an event, but a process.  So here’s how you catch the big one…

  1. Decide which lake to fish on.
  2. Acquire bait.
  3. Research at the bait shop if they are biting by jigging, or trolling?  If you need to troll, ask how fast you need to usually troll to catch the big ones, and then ask how fast during the heat of this month,  and at what depths they are swimming at today, and which colors of bait seem to be best this week.
  4. Launch the boat.
  5. Bait the hook.
  6. Throw bait in water.
  7. Jiggle the bait for a while to create excitement. Or if trolling,  set planer boards out wide and set bottom bouncers as appropriate.
  8. Set the hook firmly at the strike.
  9. Fight the fish awhile tiring him out.
  10. Use net and Get fish in boat.
  11. Keep on ice.
  12. When home skin it.
  13. Decide on recipe.
  14. Coat it and cook it
  15. and finally,  eat it to nourish yourself and your family.

Growth is not an event, but a process.  So my advise for myself and you reading this is…Dig deep within yourself and decide which lake you like the best…Write down the plan…Talk to others to make the plan solid and strong…Then launch…Jiggle the bait and present your product or service boldly without reservation…Set the hook and close the deals…Then come back to shore to taste-n-see that the process for growth is good!

p.s.  a little prayer along the way helps too.

p.s.s.  Since the Big Guy above likes to bless his kids, ask for some.  Ask for wisdom, direction, and help, and watch the blessings along the way!   Whoppiee…

a wise Family Planting the fish remains for fertilizer for the flowers

Waste not - want not. This family is planting the remains of their caught fish to become fertilizer for their flowers by their home.

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July 25, 2011

Last Week in July is The World’s Greatest Aviation Show in Oshkosh Wisconsin featuring New 2 Seater Electric Plane

This is one of hundreds of old war birds that will be in Oshkosh July 25-31 2011

OshkoshJuly 25 – 31st 2011 – EAA’s Air-Venture will be a spectacular display of planes. In fact hundred of planes: vintage, war birds, experimental, giant bombers and cargo plans, naval planes and everything private and jet. This event is worth seeing.

Air shows, fireworks, entertainment and outdoor movies for your family to enjoy for an unforgettable vacation close by at an affordable cost of $19 to $35 daily ticket. You Won’t Want to Miss It!

Oshkosh 2011 Air-Venture Highlights hundreds of planes and other events too.

A new 2 - seater electric plane will be debuted. This is really going Green.

* Opening Day Concert by REO Speedwagon – July 25 presented by Ford Motor Company

* A week long celebration of the Centennial of Naval Aviation, including the largest gathering of naval aircraft of all eras

* The Zeppelin NT, the world’s largest flying airship, will be on site for the entire week

It is so cool to experience 100 warbirds flying in formation above you



* Super Saturday presented by Southwest Airlines, featuring an afternoon air show, Aaron Tippin in concert, a spectacular night air show and the Daher-Socata Fireworks

* The world’s only airworthy B-29 Super Fortress “FIFI” will be present. Very big, very cool.

Plus you can just browse  through rows and rows of airplanes including some very small experimental models. This is such a cool resource and it’s only 4 hour away from Marquette.

Here’s a video link of a guy from Florida that created a car called the Maverick that also flies. The Maverick drives at 90mph and flies at 45mph. The inventors story is his dad was killed in Ecuador as a flight missionary and the village people that killed his dad adopted him and raised him encouraging him to help them fly. Click Here

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July 25, 2011

Sunrise and Sunsets Are Fantastic In The Upper Peninsula

Sunset Sky

Evening Imagery

Negaunee Township – July 25, 2011 –  The U.P. sky has incredible beauty to me lately. Why have I not noticed the beautiful sky colors, the colorful cloud shapes, and the dew and mist of the morning?

Do I walk around with my eyes closed? Am I so busy that I don’t look up?

Lately, it seems I am taking a little more time enjoying the beautiful colors that are all around me. I am finding super color and wild shapes every time I look.

Sunset Beauty

Evening Horizon Beauty

Has it been this beautiful all along?…and I’m just getting around to noticing?

Last glimpse for the day

Lights out

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July 22, 2011

Marquette Charter Township Board and Marquette Township Business Have A Meeting Of The Minds

Marquette Township Board and Business Association

Two Boards Meet Face To Face For The First Time In a Decade

Marquette Township _ July 19th 2001 – For the first full time in a decade, the Marquette Township Board met with the Marquette Township Business Association to discuss a revamped approach to more easily attract new businesses into the township. The Marquette Township Business Association requested a work session to discuss past, present, and future business issues affecting the business community. Discussion became very lively. Bob Mahaney and Mark Curran two well known local developers, a local broadcaster Todd Noordyk, Frank Stabile, local successful businessman and Business Association President, plus several board members covered these Work Session Agenda Topics.

Marquette Township flag

Marquette Township flag

Strategic Agenda

Future Goals

Points of discussion were:

The rise in utility rates with a disparity existing between commercial and residential rates,

Streamlining the Zoning process for a smoother progression in documentation, plans, bonding, time frame and cost;

Add more common sense thinking to required inspections and fees

Itemizing township tax revenue to determine where business dollars are being allocated, statistically establishing a percentage comparison between residential and business dollars

Establishing an Easy Button approach for first time business creating an Advocate at the township and creating a one sheeter on issues and requirements for potential businessman

Initiate master planning on pending projects addressing specifically the bridge over US 41, a new township hall, fire station and public works building;

Enhancing the Iron Ore Heritage trail system by establishing and connecting local trails that would direct a positive impact and involvement within the township;

Continue revamping the sign ordinance targeting an ease of existing interpretation and simplifying the fee structure to initiate positive actions toward new use;

Promoting the newly renovated Lions Field and Recreation Area directed towards positive action and scheduled reuse of facilities;
Establish a new Business Relations Committee that continues to discuss and refine the above issues and future issues. It was suggested the committee include: two major local developers, a local business representative, a Planning Board Representative and a board person. It is hoped that all will convene on a regular basis.

Agenda discussion

Future planning


Parking Lot

Enthusiastic Turnout

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July 21, 2011

Greywalls Golf Course Marquette Is Incredible For A Grudge Match

Golf Grudge Match

Which team will hold bragging rights this year?

Marquette – July 21, 2011 – I just played the best golf course in Michigan located in Marquette. Grey walls as recently rated as the #2 course in Michigan but I rate it #1.

Marquette Golf and Country Club has two 18 hole courses to enjoy. At the entrance of the country club is the solid Heritage 18 hole course that thousands enjoy playing each year. But their recent completed project called Greywalls doubles the enjoyment of their classic Heritage course.

golf day

Perfect day to settle the score

I understand that in 2011 people from all over the world are flying into Sawyer International just to play this relatively new Greywalls. It never let’s up. There a 4 tees of difficulty from roughly 6000 to 7000 yards.

Three guys from Great Lakes Radio and a prominent Michigan based advertising agency executive played on Thursday July 21. Bill Tibor, Mark Evans, and Todd Noordyk from GLR. Inc. and Mike Toth owner of Michigan Spot Sales aggressively scrambled on this course from the blue tees.

Ring Leader Bill Tibor clearly set this up purely as a grudge match with two teams scratching for the lowest scores.

teeing off

This one's going for a ride!

15 holes happened and man to man the scores were tied. Mark proposed a little wager to spice it up. $20 pet man was agreed too. Toth and Tibor won the 16th hole. The 17th was a push. Now $40 was on the line at the 533 yard, par 5 18th hole.

Noordyk tees off and absolutely crushes a drive down the center. Then Mr. Toth in geezers form waves as his ball passes by.

The second shot was crushed by Mark Evans using his 1962 Ben Logan 4 wood leaving the team a 38 foot putt for eagle 7 foot off the green.

Not to be out done, Mike Toth takes sour his 2 iron and greens it leaving a 64′ putt for eagle.

Can you believe this?

This is a money shot!

Noordyk indicates to Bill Tibor he was sinking this off the green 38 footer for eagle. This he did and Mark Evans and Todd Noordyk screamed in delight because Tibor and Toth were obviously going to be beaten.

Toth address his 64 foot pity and leaves it 8 door short. Then Tibor sets up…slowly practices 4 times like that going to help…seeks back his putter….barely follows through…and sinks the sang 64 footer.

“Crap” says Evans. ”

Whaaaaat!!!!” says Noordyk. And all 4 broke out on extreme laughter…which lasted for several minutes. Yes both teams Eagle d the 533 yard par 5 hole together. (And Yes Todd and Mark paid 20 each)

Big Money Putt

No Pressure!


Winners Payoff

Show us the money!!!!

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July 20, 2011

After glow live music downtown Ishpeming right near Ole Ish


Ishpeming – July 21, 2011 –  Quality local artists will perform downtown at Ole Ish. from 7-8pm Thursday night.

Then right after George Knight, the host of WFXD’s local artist show, will be at the Butler Theatre for a lively after glow. See u downtown Ishpeming Thursday night for some good local music..

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July 19, 2011

A Golden U.P. Treasure This West Ishpeming Sunrise


A view looking East from West Ishpeming by Meyer Yamaha


This was too good to let pass by at Cooper Lake Road just East of Meyer Yamaha

Ishpeming June 14, 2011 –  I was in awe watching these two beautiful sunrise moments on June 14 in West Ishpeming.  I was hoping to wash the dust off my Buick. So while sipping my second cup of Holiday Pantry coffee I passed the West Ishpeming car wash realizing it was a bit early.  I went over the hill and U-turned by Meyer and wha-lah!

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July 18, 2011

WFXD sponsors Skandia Days 2011 and Record Numbers Turned Out for the Annual Skandia Celebration

SkandiaJuly 16, 2011 – The weather was picture perfect for the annual Skandia Days celebration in Skandia Michigan. The Skandia Lions club, the local Hoof Tracks 4-H club, various local businesses such as WFXD Radio 103.3fm The Country Extreme, and hundreds from around the area come out for an afternoon of fun. The parade was loaded with kids in freshly made Tye-Dye T-shirts. Family games were played and cash prizes in one dollar increments were awarded. Musically Border Town wrapped up the evening. All in all numerous volunteers made this years Skandia Days a success.

Hoof Tracks 4-H club member Owen DeVooght in the parade Announcing WFXD as the Skandia Days sponsor.

Hoof Tracks marches proudly at Skandia Days 2011

Mary DeVooght pictured left is the leader for Hoof Tracks 4-H club

Let the Family Games Begin! This gets quite competitive.

Cash Prizes came in One Dollar increments for winners of the One-Legged Sack Races and the messy Egg Toss.

Soon after the games were done Hoof Tracks 4-H kids enjoyed boating, swimming, a 170degree Sauna, hot dogs, smores, on the beach at the Dead River. These kids have endless energy.

These 4-H kids have a riot Boating and Swimming

Click Here to view additional pictures we took this year.

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July 17, 2011

Record Heat Index in Michigan And People are Still Going and Going

People are out and about even though it feels like 100 degrees

Sagola  –  July 16, 2011  –  Warm, warm, sticky, temps and low winds prevail and tourist still wander the roads North of Iron Mountain.

I myself am tooling down M-95 with my ac on. I’m smilin’ and jamin’ to a Vineyard cd, with a cool 69 degrees, sipping a diet Sierra Mist, and munching on a bag of Frito Lay premium quality deluxe mixed nuts.

Motors homes, trucks with campers, a fishing boat behind a Ford Explorer, car after car people are moving across the U.P. this Sunday morning.

Despite 3.89cents a gallon gas, people are traveling East from Crystal Falls and North from Iron Mountain.

So little time, but so much to see. I love this big beautiful world that God gives us to enjoy.

The Sagola BP is pumping gas but the Chicken Deli located in the back of the BP is closed for Sunday Sales

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