Where’s Elmer

We are excited that Elmer has moved his American Country Gold Radio Show to WFXD 103.3fm.  Elmer will continue his 22 year tradition of Request Time, airing on Saturday evenings 7p to midnight.  Where’s Elmer?  He is on Fox103- WFXD

Where's Elmer

Elmer Aho and Todd Noordyk in the studios that Elmer will spin his music

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  1. KATH & KEN WINDERS, July 10, 2010:

    Elmer, Love ya and glad that your still on the air. The kids love you and especially “Singing in the Kitchen” My grandkids are from down state and I call if you play it early
    on the phone. The guys are going to try and get the signal at Cedar River camp.
    Saturday wouldn’t be the same without you. Love ya Elmer and glad your health is better.
    Missed ya. God Bless you Elmer and the radio station for keeping you. Your in our prayers and in our hearts. We’ll be listening.

  2. Mary Ann, September 18, 2010:

    Elmer, we were told we could get you on the computer down state. We would love to be able to do that but so far can’t figure out how to do it.. Any suggestions anyone?

  3. Jason Paradowski, September 25, 2010:

    To Elmer
    Amanda Sheridan and Jason Paradowski (as a friend)
    both like to listen to you every saturday night.Would you please come to Sundara house sometime with your Gutair.Maybe?if it works out for you and your schedule too.

  4. allison mcdonald, February 19, 2011:

    request for tonights show. To the Franz crew from Mike and Allson at the Mcdonald camp in Alpha. Hank Snow, I’m Moving On.

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