Record Heat Index in Michigan And People are Still Going and Going

People are out and about even though it feels like 100 degrees

Sagola  –  July 16, 2011  –  Warm, warm, sticky, temps and low winds prevail and tourist still wander the roads North of Iron Mountain.

I myself am tooling down M-95 with my ac on. I’m smilin’ and jamin’ to a Vineyard cd, with a cool 69 degrees, sipping a diet Sierra Mist, and munching on a bag of Frito Lay premium quality deluxe mixed nuts.

Motors homes, trucks with campers, a fishing boat behind a Ford Explorer, car after car people are moving across the U.P. this Sunday morning.

Despite 3.89cents a gallon gas, people are traveling East from Crystal Falls and North from Iron Mountain.

So little time, but so much to see. I love this big beautiful world that God gives us to enjoy.

The Sagola BP is pumping gas but the Chicken Deli located in the back of the BP is closed for Sunday Sales

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