Marquette County Patrol Car on South Basin Drive Negaunee Township

Negaunee Township –  May 3, 2011 –  Marquette County Sheriff deputy doing his duty on South Basin Drive early this morning at 7:55.

South Basin Drive, Marquette County Sheriff Patrole Car

Initially I was surprised to come upon a deputy parked in his patrol car at a rural intersection off South Basin Drive, because they are never out here in our crime free area early in the morning. So I asked myself what’s going on?   Of course, since I didn’t ask him what he was doing,  all I could do is speculate.

I thought this deputy was looking for early morning speeders.  Or perhaps were there some break ins in my community that I hadn’t heard about yet?   I wondered was he pointing his laser radar gun out the front window?  Or was he waiting for backup to raid someone?   Or maybe he was simply parked to finish some paper work or finish his donuts?

Obviously wild speculation didn’t get me any closer to the truth.   In the end, from all of my positive experiences with the police, I concluded that he was probably doing his duty and doing it well.  This was a case of tax dollars well spent.

So what do you think  was doing?


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