Marquette Charter Township Board and Marquette Township Business Have A Meeting Of The Minds

Marquette Township Board and Business Association

Two Boards Meet Face To Face For The First Time In a Decade

Marquette Township _ July 19th 2001 – For the first full time in a decade, the Marquette Township Board met with the Marquette Township Business Association to discuss a revamped approach to more easily attract new businesses into the township. The Marquette Township Business Association requested a work session to discuss past, present, and future business issues affecting the business community. Discussion became very lively. Bob Mahaney and Mark Curran two well known local developers, a local broadcaster Todd Noordyk, Frank Stabile, local successful businessman and Business Association President, plus several board members covered these Work Session Agenda Topics.

Marquette Township flag

Marquette Township flag

Strategic Agenda

Future Goals

Points of discussion were:

The rise in utility rates with a disparity existing between commercial and residential rates,

Streamlining the Zoning process for a smoother progression in documentation, plans, bonding, time frame and cost;

Add more common sense thinking to required inspections and fees

Itemizing township tax revenue to determine where business dollars are being allocated, statistically establishing a percentage comparison between residential and business dollars

Establishing an Easy Button approach for first time business creating an Advocate at the township and creating a one sheeter on issues and requirements for potential businessman

Initiate master planning on pending projects addressing specifically the bridge over US 41, a new township hall, fire station and public works building;

Enhancing the Iron Ore Heritage trail system by establishing and connecting local trails that would direct a positive impact and involvement within the township;

Continue revamping the sign ordinance targeting an ease of existing interpretation and simplifying the fee structure to initiate positive actions toward new use;

Promoting the newly renovated Lions Field and Recreation Area directed towards positive action and scheduled reuse of facilities;
Establish a new Business Relations Committee that continues to discuss and refine the above issues and future issues. It was suggested the committee include: two major local developers, a local business representative, a Planning Board Representative and a board person. It is hoped that all will convene on a regular basis.

Agenda discussion

Future planning


Parking Lot

Enthusiastic Turnout

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