Trump’s Amazing 100 Days

April 29, 2017 – on Day 100, media’s big story this morning is ​Trump’s 100 day Summary.  The summary is out. CBN and Fox News contributors say Trump has had numerous successes.

With Trump’s new opening bid tax reform plan details came out this week showed the plan helping the middle class the most, reducing 7 brackets to 3, and no estate tax. I noticed the markets peaked to the highest levels ever this past week.  So apparently the financial community is positive on Trump’s tax effort.

The Rule Of Law is back. Fox reports Border Crossings are down 70%. There’s No wall yet. But it is still slated to be paid for by Mexico. In some areas even though there’s no wall, crossings have a 70-90% drop. It’s because of Donald’s stance of “No More” unlike Obama’s Welcome Sign. The word is out in Mexico “No More.”

I would say the world has been put on notice, largely because of Donald’s solid stance on human dignity and human rights. His strong statement like saying No to Syria, and his solid people like Rex and Jim matters alot. For example China’s cooperation is up with China tuening in our favor now putting pressurer on North Korea. Our military team has disabled a few recent launches including this morning missel launch in North Korea nixed. Motivating China to work on our behalf or the world’s behalf is unprecedented.

30 some bills have been passed plus Donald’s some 12+ executive orders repealing past regulations, including lessing the war on coal, and lessening back yard ditches for the EPA, the pipeline, drilling, is making processes better for those needing help.

Despite so many national media outlets, outside of conservative Radio, it seems only FOX News and CBN actually reports both positively and negatively on Trump. 

A new justice, jobs comng back, allowing ICE to do their job, reforming the VA, and even straightening out trade announcements this week with Canada,  fortunately Donald is still moving forward daily, and remains very positive and directed. I guess the sky didn’t fall, there’s over 300,000 new jobs and our economy if working better, and there’s more hope.  I kinda agree woth the guy in Virigian Beach having breakfast this morning and drinking coffee said, “Go Donald”!

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